Directions to Temple Beth El in Bradford (updated 7.11.2014)

The synagogue is located at the south end of Clarence Street. The address there is 144-146 Clarence Street (The red star on the map at right). Clarence is a cul-du-sac heading south off of Sherman St. Sherman Street is a short east-west street connecting two larger north-south streets, South Avenue and Congress Street.

From Rte. 219

Take the Owens Way exit. Drive west to South Avenue. [The Hoover Oil Field Supply is on the corner.] Turn right (north) on South Avenue. [Once it passes west of South Avenue, Owens Way heads uphill into the mountains.] Drive about a half mile to Sherman keeping to the left. [You will pass the Crosby Mini-Mart, The South Bradford Fruit Market (a large stand) and the Econolodge Motel. You will pass Maplewood street that goes only to the left (west) and a sign saying "Open on Sundays", for Lewie's Lounge on the left. The area is wooded with few houses. There is a nearly invisible street to the right called Race St. Turn right on the next street, Sherman (east), and go one block (down a steep hill) to Clarence. Sherman is a small street, but it is the first significant street to the right. There is a house on the southeast corner. Turn right on Clarence and drive (south) to the end of the street.

From Rte. 219 Avoiding the Steep Part of Sherman

Proceed as above turning from Owens Way onto South Avenue. Immediately after passing the Econolodge Motel, take a right fork to the northeast.[It slopes downward into the woods.] This is Congress Street. Drive north on Congress passing by the Zippo Manufacturing plant and the Zippo Museum. Continue until you reach Sherman Street. Turn left on Sherman [The American Red Cross office is at the corner of Congress and Clarence.] and drive one block to to Clarence Street. Turn left on Clarence Street and drive south to the end of the street.

From Main Street

The west end of Main Street is Mechanic Street. At Mechanic and Main is the Emery Towers Hotel (residential) which has a large sign on top. [South of the Emery Hotel, Mechanic becomes South Avenue.] The first major southbound street intersecting Main east of Mechanic Street is Congress Street. Turn south from Main onto Congress St. Take Congress south to Sherman (about 1/2 mile) and turn right (one block) to Clarence St. [The American Red Cross office is at the corner of Congress and Clarence.] Turn left on Clarence and drive south to the end of the street. The end of the street becomes the driveway into the synagogue parking lot.